Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Anti-Encouragement

While perusing my sports stories I came upon this article on
I'm not going to lie.  I'm skeptical that this kid is going to make it through the season without a major injury.  But I digress.
Most disturbing is this quote:
"I told him the only thing I need him to do is manage the offense," Strong said. "I don't need you to be a great player; just play within yourself."
Geesh, Coach strong, you might think it, but don't say it.  It sounded a lot like the disturbing pre-game talk Mack Brown gave to Case McCoy last year before the Texas/Oklahoma game.  I looked everywhere for the quote, and can't find it.  It was basically: "Don't be a hero.  Just don't mess it up."
Of course, to this, Case McCoy had the best response ever.
"This is a game that I could be remembered for the rest of my life. I'm preparing and [practicing] for a game I'll be remembered for forever."
And a game to remember forever it was.
For weeks, even after the infamous OU game, the Longhorns had been touted as the underdogs, and when asked why, Case was pretty upfront.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Little Future Sooner

You little future Sooners.  So tough and adorable with your smack talk.  
At least Texas fans know how to use proper grammar, such as apostrophes and capitalized letters. 
Kid, I'm happy for you that you can kick a 66-yard field goal.  At practice...with no interference. 
I'm also happy that Texas has had a player do better than that in an actual game...67 yards.  In fact it's the current NCAA record for the longest field goal. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Article

My mom sent me this article to read about TCU which I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed.  I'll follow up when we get some responses from GOG (Good 'ol Gary).  For now, just enjoy:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Comparison

This Barking Carnival article comparing the (2nd) LeBron James Decision to the Big XII Conference Realignment is maybe my favorite thing related to LeBron James.

Except for this commercial:


The Rules

“I don’t want to talk about things. I’d rather do things. We just talked. Now it’s time to do."
Charlie Strong - Head Coach, The University of Texas
I realize this is old news but I've been thinking about football season and getting excited about our new coach.  I asked The Googler to find me the new "rules" that Coach Strong smacked down in January.  I got excited again just reading them.

Players will attend all of their classes and sit in the front two rows of all of their classes. GAs, academic folks, position coaches will be checking constantly now.  

No headphones in class. No texting in class. Sit up and take notes. 

A-wicka-wicka-wicka-wicka-wicka-NO FUN!
If a player misses a class, he runs until it hurts. If he misses two classes, his entire position unit runs. If he misses three, the position coach runs. The position coaches don't want to run.

No earrings in the football building. No drugs. No stealing. No guns. Treat women with respect.

Players may not live off campus anymore, unless they're a senior who hits certain academic standards. The University will buy out the leases for every player currently living off campus and put them in the athletic dorm.

The team will all live together, eat together, suffer together, and hang out together. They will become a true team and learn to impose accountability on each other. The cliques are over.

There's no time for a rebuild. "I don't have time for that." The expectation is that Texas wins now.

Players will learn that they would rather practice than milk a minor injury.

The focus is on winning and graduating. Anything extraneous to that is a distraction and will be stamped out or removed.

I'm curious to see, come football season how and if these rules are enforced.   And if we'll hear about any violations and the subsequent punishments. 

But for now, a slow clap for you, Coach Strong.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Hiatus

“Oh where have you been, my burnt orange one?”  - Bevo Dylan.

 It’s a question I get asked with shocking regularity for a gal with a little blog.  Obviously, they’re not asking it exactly like that, but the question comes up.  

If you’re a regular or semi-follower, you’ll note that I haven’t put anything up since October, just before the Texas-OU game. 
Before you start thinking that I stopped writing because of our performance last season, let me stop you.  We won the Texas-OU game (handily, I might add) and the three that followed…including a game against the team with the coach I love to hate, TCU.  Aaaaand let me just point out that I’ve written plenty of blogs through plenty of terrible seasons. 
I love my Longhorns to a fault, win or lose.  And Mack Brown.  Which leads me to the real point of the story:  Why I stopped writing.
The talk about Mack Brown retiring had begun to absolutely infuriate me.  To the point that I couldn’t even talk about it.
It’s not because I didn’t think Mack’s time to retire had come.   I did.
It’s not because I didn’t think it was time for a change. I did.
It’s because I believe Mack Brown earned the right to be treated with respect, and he earned the right to walk out the door with dignity on his own terms. 

I was ready for a change, but let’s be frank, here… (“Hi, Frank!”)…there’s not a single thing I can do about it.  Change was going to happen when it was going to happen, and nothing that a bunch of sportswriters, whiny fans or Monday morning quarterbacks could do was going to change that. 

So until the powers that be were ready to make that change, I made the decision to support my team and my coach the way I always had. 

By the time Coach Brown retired, it had been a two season long circus.  Each win brought speculation that Mack was being fired.  Each loss brought speculation that Mack was being fired.
My facebook post the day of the announcement.  I
deleted six rude Mack-hating comments from the
post that day.
The breaking point for me came when people began to insinuate that Texas fans would prefer to lose games in order to speed up the Mack ousting process.   As a Texas fan, I was not surveyed.  And had I been, my answer would have been an absolute “no”.   But the lack of polling wasn’t what got me the most.  What made me angriest was the idea that there were probably people out there who felt this way. 

To me, a FAN is someone who is enthusiastically devoted to their team.  Win, lose, bad staffing, good staffing.  You are a supporter of a greater thing.  To wish for losses is basically to wish to hinder the success of our players.  Which I personally think is a pretty crappy thing to do.

I needed to take a break from inviting people to spread their negative energy on me.  I still attended and watched the games, cheered for my players, coaches and school, and frankly, I did so with much more joy than I had over the previous season and a half.   

I stopped letting the haters in. 

I walked away from conversations about firing Mack Brown. 

I unfriended people on Facebook who took random comments I made (typically not football related) and turned them into rude remarks about how I refused to get on the Mack-Hating Bandwagon. 

I turned the TV and radio off when discussions about Mack Brown’s future started.

And it felt awesome to just enjoy the season, to enjoy the time with my friends & family, surrounded by burnt orange. To support Coach Brown in what I was confident would be his final season.
It felt pizza awesome.

I wish the rest of Longhorn Nation would have given Coach Brown the same respect, but I can’t control them.  I can’t control a desire to win that is greater than a desire to be a FAN.
And now that the dust has settled, I am ready to come back.  Now that we’ve all got our poopy-pants off, I hope the Longhorn Nation can come together with a new, positive attitude about our team.  Hopefully the complaining hasn’t gone on for so long that there’s no reversing it.  We would be doing a disservice to our players and new coaches if we didn’t look at the upcoming season with fresh eyes and hearts.

We are mere months away from a new era in Longhorn Football.  And let me tell you, I can’t wait!  I think Coach Strong is going to be good for The Program.
And I can’t wait to write about it.

Not this program.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Rivalry

I could do the research, but I'd rather cheat and use theirs: Things To Know About The Golden Hat

Hook 'Em

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Comments that Weren't about Les Miles

My favorite purple coach is at it again.   You may have heard, about a week ago that Gary Patterson was in the news for apparently slamming Les Miles' decision to play Jeremy Hill in the LSU season opener against TCU.

Hill, LSU's leading rusher was let back onto the team after 1) the LSU team voted him in to play and 2) the judge presiding over his sucker-punch-probation-violation case chose not to send him to jail. 

This puts Hill in the starting lineup for the the Horned Frogs season opener against Miles' Tigers.   When asked about it on August 7th, Patterson told the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

“I’m sure if it was some opponent they’d beat by 100 points (the players) wouldn’t have a vote. It’s not my worry. I’ve got to play whoever they put on the field,”
The funniest things about that statement are the assumptions that A) Miles wouldn't stoop that low for any win, which I personally think he would and B) LSU couldn't beat TCU by 100 points.   I'm not saying they could hang a Benjamin on TCU (and they didn't), but on any given Saturday, any team can lose by 100 points.  You've just got to have the perfect storm.  It takes a pretty cocky man to say otherwise. 
Speaking of storms, did I mention that TCU's Big XII Defensive Player of the Year Devonte Fields was on the bench during the TCU/LSU game?  Back in May, TCU stated in a press release that lineman was suspended for the first two games of the season "due to a violation of university and team policy."
Here's where it starts to get sticky for Coach Jerkface Patterson.  When word got out he'd made comments about Coach Miles' decision to lift Hill's suspension, (such as):
“My whole team would vote Devonte (Fields) to be back on the team because they all want to win,” Patterson said. “That doesn’t teach life lessons.”
suddenly he recanted, and insisted he wasn't talking about LSU at all:
“I know what I said. I didn’t mention Jeremy Hill. I didn’t mention Les Miles,” Patterson said after Thursday’s practice. “It was more about Devonte Fields. If they want to make something up so they can get all fired up… I can get the same thing when I go home. Everyone can stand in line.”
"I must not tell lies"

Patterson is claiming that every person in the world who read those comments put the wrong dots in the wrong order and stretched his words out to make it seem like he was implying something he wasn't.

Right.  And Voldemort never came back.

He even sent Coach Miles a doctored transcript of the press conference, just to prove he wasn't being bossy pants.  Yeah, Patterson.  You may not have said their names, but who exactly were you referring to when you spoke to the press about "playing whoever is on the field" and "the players" not having "a vote" if it was "some opponent they'd beat by 100 points"?
Contrary to what Gary thinks ("Anybody who knows me knows that’s way outside of character, so why would I do it now?") I think it was completely in character as I've pointed out here, here, here, here and here

Also, did I mention I'm a psychic-ish?

That's okay, Gary.  You sit on your high horse and...oh, wait! What?  Have you and Kevin Sumlin been hanging out lately....?  Because what's about to come out of your mouth sounds alot like what Sumlin tried to feed us last year regarding suspended players when his season opener was rescheduled.
"Steven Jenkins and Howard Matthews were suspended for the first game. As a matter of fact, last week, neither guy was involved in our preparation for Louisiana Tech and that'll remain the situation," Sumlin said. "As a matter of fact, Howard Matthews played scout team wide receiver last week. A lot of things have changed because of that since the storm and they will still be suspended for the Louisiana Tech game. That won't change."
Wait. What?!  I digress.

The TCU press release said Fields would be suspended for the first two games.  Suddenly, Patterson is saying the suspension is his call.  That could absolutely be true.  But why bring that up?  Because suddenly Fields is listed at the top of the depth chart.  And all of a sudden, we hear that TCU's Campus Life Organization voted (voted?! gasp!) to lift Fields' suspension even before the LSU game.   And suddenly, sitting a player out for two games is dangerous!  And it leads to "an opportunity to get hurt."

(Play Film Noir music in your head here.)

And, even though the suspension was ALL GARY, ALL THE WAY, if the TCU Chancellor approves, Fields will probably play the next game.

You know, so he doesn't get hurt.  Granted, TCU probably doesn't need Fields to beat SE Louisiana, but it sure would be nice if Fields had a little playing time before the Texas Tech Big XII opener next week.  But has Fields has suddenly learned his lesson, or, contrary to his earlier comments, does Patterson believe that sometimes life lessons DO take a backseat to wanting to win.

Plus, Fields was sad:
“I think he was physically hurt that he was in that situation and he couldn’t help,” Patterson said.
Literally, physically hurt. 

And instead of telling us the lessons Devonte learned, Patterson brought it all back to Patterson, and how the mean old media is so mean to him:
"That reporter over there.  He was being mean to me."
“As far as all the blast I get about not getting a pass rush, nobody said Devonte Fields was gone,” he said, although most reporters pointed out Fields’ absence. “They just said we didn’t have a pass rush. No matter which way you look at it, you still get hammered. As a football coach, you get hammered one way or the other, it doesn’t make any difference.”


Yeah, I know how you feel buddy.  Nobody talked about how we lost the National Championship to Bama because Colt McCoy was gone.  Oh, wait.  That's all anyone talked about.  Never mind.