Monday, April 30, 2018

The Extreme Blogging Hiatus: Addendum B

Haaaave you missed me?  Unless you’re my friend Mickey or my Mom, the answer is likely "" That's fair. Let's be real, even I had to go back and read my own blog to figure out what tales I last spun here at Adventures of a Football Girl. 

I feel like a lot has happened in the year and 11 months since I last graced your web-browser, and as Boston would tell you - it’s more than a feeling (more than a feeling).

On the peripheral, or the forefront, depending on what you come here for, Baylor pretty much imploded.  (While doing research about MY OWN BLOG I see that my last two posts were about Baylor: The Press Box & The Website).

If you didn’t know, the culture in Baylor Football was even worse than I thought.  I want this to be the last time I ever in my life have to write about this, because there aren’t enough words to describe how absolutely disgusting the situation is, and how foul and appalling it is that criminals like Art Briles are not in jail. Shame on, of course, the rapists themselves, entire administrations & police departments that allowed this to happen, to happen, to happen again, to continue to happen and to go unpunished.  And, in an unpopular opinion, shame on the NCAA for showing a complete lack of institutional control in how they hand out punishments for “lack of institutional control.”  See what I did there?   A little cash in your locker?  Death penalty.  52 alleged ‘acts of rape’ by 31 football players - 2 convicted, in a three year span while your coach and administration cover your tracks and lie?  Not our business - unless it happens at Penn State, then it's our business.

This lack of consistency will prepare players for their NFL careers, where league officials, commissioners and referees interpret rules and facts based on ______.  That's a legitimate blank in my mind, I have NO IDEA.  Seriously, does anyone know how to finish that sentence?

Alas, this blog is not called “Adventures of a Soapbox Girl” despite what the previous paragraphs, the 23 posts I’ve tagged with the word “soapbox” and any post I’ve ever written about Gary Patterson tell you.

The last 23 months in a Sports Nutshell:
  • The Houston Astros win their first World Series of Baseball title!
  • The Atlanta Falcons blow a 25 point lead in Super Bowl 51, disappointing people everywhere except New England.
  • Stanley Cup = Blackhawks, Penguins, Penguins
  • The NBA Championships were won by teams other than LA, Miami and San Antonio.
  • There were Olympics!  We swim surprisingly well for a country that’s not a small island.
  • Jordan Spieth did not win The Masters.
  • Fly Eagles Fly was the soundtrack of the Super Bowl 52 Victory Riots in Philly.  Streetlight poles were greased…Philly City Managers came to play.
  • There were Olympics!  Curling is the new figure skating.
  • A Reality TV Star is now the President – for those of you who consider politics a sport.  
  • There are College Football Playoffs now.  Cool.
  • Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!  Wait – who won the MLB Playoff Series in 2016?  Was it the Cubs?
  • The elderly Peyton Manning retired.

I bet I’m forgetting some stuff.  Also those were in no particular order.  That’s what happens when you stop writing your sports blog for almost two years.  Still, in all fairness to me, I probably never would have written about any of those things anyway.

I’ve never pretended this was an all-sports blog.  I’ve always pretended this was a college football blog.

And so it's time for me to totally get to writing about some college football - more specifically Longhorn football. At some point.  Probably.  I mean, not today. This isn't like Netflix, where all the episodes of the season come out all at once for a nice weekend binge.  I don't have the bandwith to keep up with all 17 of my fans and ask "are you still reading" every 87 minutes.  I'm more like HBO - painfully giving you one episode at a time with large, seemingly endless gaps between seasons and lots of nudity ranting. 

There’s some debate over who first said “Always leave them wanting more.” I choose to believe it was Hugh Jackman P.T. Barnum.  So rather than go straight into the circus of the last 23 months of college football and my three-ring dreams for the future, I leave you here, wanting


  1. Laura Osmer-DeMuthApril 30, 2018

    Despite my complete and utter apathy for college (or really any) football, this was amusing.